Critical Hits and Misses #9: August 12, 2016

  • Olympic medalist Fu Yuanhui is officially the most lovable Olympian ever, gaining 3.5 million social media followers after the video in which she finds out she won bronze went viral. (Megan)

  • Felicity Jones talks about the importance of women in the Rebellion. (Ivonne)

  • Donald Trump is from the Upside Down. We in America are in desperate need of an Eleven, and a group of nerdy kids, to banish the monster. So, Millennials? Get out the vote! (Spoiler Alert for Netflix’s Stranger Things.) (Ivonne)

  • An open letter from an alleged former WB employee tears into WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara for, among other things, the past, present, and future failures of the DC Cinematic Universe. (Adrian)

  • Scientists are trying to determine how long Greenland sharks can live, and a new technique reveals that one individual may be 400 years old!  Further study is needed but if true, this makes the Greenland shark the longest living vertebrae. (Megan)