Jughead #12 Review: That's Why Slytherins All Sing, Mantle Is Our King

In Jughead #12, Reggie becomes the boss of everyone in the gang after beating them all in a video game competition. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with any of them, especially Jughead. He prides himself on being brilliant at video games. Still, Reggie won, so they have to find a way to get out of it somehow.
Ewww, he's going to get Reggie germs all over it!
His first act is to get everyone to carry him around on a throne. Everywhere. For a whole day. Yup, that's going to stink. Fortunately, Veronica has a secret weapon for thwarting at least that portion of Reggie's plan. She has been sponsoring Riverdale's men's bodybuilding club, possibly for this very eventuality, and they are only too happy to comply. Naturally, Jughead wants to take a picture of it for giggles, but Reggie disagrees. Surprisingly, Betty is on his side, asking how Jughead would feel if a picture was taken of him without his consent.

Out of frustration, Jughead challenges Reggie to another video game contest, this time to see who the supreme winner of all time would be, with everyone challenging Reggie. One thing leads to another, and Reggie wins again, making him their boss for an entire month. Nice going, Jughead. Surprisingly, his first decree isn't anything necessarily cruel, just fuel for his ever-hungry ego. Surprisingly, Reggie does look slightly embarrassed as he makes his first decree under the new reign. They'll form a band.

I love that Ryan North and Derek Charm keep finding excuses to work in the original Archie drawing style.
Jughead #12 is a great issue, promising to be the start to an interesting new story arc. It could use a little more Jughead, but seeing everyone interact wasn't bad. The comic is written by Ryan North and drawn by Derek Charm. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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