Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2 E7: "Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?"

This episode felt like a throwback to the first season, but with a twist. It definitely exemplified the character development that everyone has gone through. The main chunk of the episode focuses on Rebecca and Valencia cyber-stalking Anna, Josh's new girlfriend, on her social media accounts. The song during this piece, "Research Me Obsessively", was pretty good. It took the form of Alice, singing to them on her various social media accounts.

As can be expected, they egg each other on and end up outright stalking her place of work, convinced that she's a drug dealer. This leads to accidentally running over her cat, and eventually breaking into her office to delete the footage. Don't worry, the cat survived and she didn't end up being a drug dealer. I could see this bizarre chain of events happening in the first season, but instead of Rebecca and Valencia teaming up, it would just be Rebecca spying on Valencia. It truly is fascinating to see how they are now friends and the new dynamics it gives the show. It keeps it fresh and creates cool new character pairings.

Speaking of character pairings, Paula and Rebecca are still on the outs. The end of the episode featured a magnificent song describing how they feel about the fight. Both of them want to be friends again, but are too stubborn to be the first one to apologize. Granted, both of them have good reasons for this line of reasoning, but they also have bad ones. Also in that realm, I like that out of the Rebecca-Valencia plot, Rebecca is somehow the voice of reason. Valencia has a disturbing lack of ethics that leads to several acts of thievery.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.