Critical Hits & Misses #104

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017! Sorry we weren't around yesterday, but it was still a holiday for us.

We hope your holidays were awesome, and that you're refreshed and ready to fight the bullshit of the world, because we are!

For today's musical hit, let's start 2017 dancing to Shakira and Maluma's "Chantaje."

Today's critical rolls:

Have you ever thought about your beauty rituals and why you do them? Who are you making yourself look good for? If you could do any crazy and nontraditional physical change (colored hair, tattoo, etc) for yourself, what would you do and why?

— Critical Writ has a super-duper strict comment policy that specifies a single rule above all others: don't start off 2017 being an asshole to your fellow humans.