Jade Street Protection Services #Issue 3 Magical Mafia, Baby!

Jade Street Protection Services #3 gives a chance to world-build as we learn a bit more about this illegal magic stealing gang that’s been going after Magical Girls. So far we have villains who seem pretty standard, but also hints of emotional conflict that might come into play later. Not only do we learn our villain's plans but we also get a better understanding on how magic works in this world, something I would've preferred be covered in the first issue but it’s fine here.

This issue gives us some moments to see how our protagonists are handling the situation they are  thrown into, going from magical girl students to being targets.This issue gives us some solid character moments and balances the attention between a sizable cast.

The joy of settling into something new is undercut by the sense of dread as our leading ladies are offered the choice between hiding out like other magical girls have done before them, or doing something more than mere surviving. The concept of being “unsuitable” by the standards of the academy and the way it controls magical girls and the resignation to being considered unsuitable in society is a theme that once again pops up in this series. Unfortunately, before we can linger on about this concept our girls are once again thrust into a fight to save a certain someone we haven't seen in awhile.  What revelation will we see in Issue #4? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out!

As always this series is brought to us by series creators Katy Rex and Fabian Lelay on writing duties, and LeLay on art. The issue is colored by Mary Jayne Carpenter. The flats are done by Elizabeth Kramer and smooth lettering by Taylor Esposito. This book is published by Black Mask Studios.

Elizabeth Ledwell is a witch who has a certificate in graphics communications she doesn't use.