Life With Kevin #3 Review: Can't Stop The Chaos

In past reviews, I have noted that the amount of plot being stuffed into each issue of the miniseries seemed too heavy,  and expressed my worries about the eventual finale being able to accurately wrap up the dangling plot threads. So far, the second half of the run seems to be gathering up some of those threads and, if not concluding them, then at least some progress has been made.

Life in New York isn't as easy as Kevin thought it would be. The issue opens with him fast asleep on the subway, completely missing his stop and having to quickly commission an Uber to get back home. He isn't going to go rest, however, just quickly change before a yoga class with Paulo, a potential new beau. Unfortunately, a borrowed pair of ill-fitting shorts and an extreme case of flatulence cause no end of humiliation.

I never expected to see that particular sentence in an Archie comic before. Just be glad this isn't an Adam Sandler movie, Kevin, or something worse might have happened.
Still, he and Paulo kissed, so it wasn't a complete loss. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Kevin's work aspirations are going to be as promising. If you recall, he got roped into an on-camera news position after a reporter saw his looks. He has to report on puff pieces when he would rather be recording real journalism, preferably not on camera. Making things worse, Babs, his boss, had instructions from a higher-up at the network to boost her failing ratings by finding more excuses to get him on the show, preferably with a lack of clothing.

Executive mandates, everyone! I do like that the issue somewhat humanizes Babs. She isn't happy with this, missing the sense of purpose that came from real journalism instead of pandering to the audience. Reluctantly, she decides to get him on camera for a body waxing piece. Needless to say, it doesn't go well and he quits on the air.

Seriously, couldn't he sue them for this? She just stripped him on the air, without his consent or forewarning.
The rest of the issue has Kevin going on his promised prom date with a high school student. It's a nice moment, especially when he bonds with the student by discussing their shared backgrounds. He even gets Jason to open up to his crush. Possibly intentionally, his crush looks like Kevin did in his high school days. It all went very well, except for Veronica secretly tagging along and posting some footage online.

Life With Kevin #3 is an excellent issue, finally achieving the right combination of real-world situations and Archie Comics-style shenanigans. I'm interested to see how the final issue wraps everything up, especially with the news position. Technically, he only quit on the air, but they haven't fired him yet. The leaked footage could change something. I do not know when the final comic will come out, but I'll be sure to review it when it arrives.

Life With Kevin #3 is written by Dan Parent and drawn by Dan Parent and J. Bone. You can find it on the Archie Comics app.

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