Supergirl's Superman has been officially cast!

I personally always thought it was extremely silly for Supergirl to coyly show us Superman's shadow, or a distant shot of him flying into the city, or just his boots as he is passed out on a table next to Kara. It always made me roll my eyes. Not because I desperately wanted to see Superman—I didn't. I always wanted Supergirl to carry her own show. I would have been perfectly fine if Clark had remained the faceless instant messenger buddy that gave Kara occasional words of support and advice. It was the show's insistence on almost-but-not-really having him physically there that annoyed me.

So I was really pleased when it was made official by the CW that we would finally get Clark, for real, in season 2. 

Today we get the announcement that Superman has been cast! 

Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf has joined the ranks of an elite group of actors: he is our new Superman! 

So what do you think of Tyler Hoechlin's casting? Sound off in the comments below!

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