It's Poe Time! Star Wars: Poe Dameron #3 Review!

Poe Dameron and his faithful droid BB-8 were two of the many, many breakout characters of The Force Awakens. From the moment they landed on the planet Jakku, their charm instantly won the audience over. 

So, naturally everyone was pretty excited when they announced that Poe would be getting his own comic series, and wondered what it would bring to the character. 

Sadly, we're three issues in now, and I'm just not feeling it. 

The plot continues over from the last issue, with Poe confronting a fast talking First Order Agent, who's threatening to turn the planet's native's revered egg into an omelette. Meanwhile, Black Squadron is busy fighting off a swarm of TIE Fighters.

The plot of this issue? The egg ends up hatching, a monster pops out and begins attacking everyone, then another monster shows up, and defeats the first monster and the First Order troops. That's basically it.

Anyone wanna guess how this goes?

So, let's start with the positives. The characterization is one of them. Poe's charm and swagger is captured so perfectly that you can almost hear Oscar Isaac delivering the lines in your head. The members of Black Squadron, while not given that much to do beyond shoot a few ships, are still given some decent dialogue that drops some interesting tidbits about them. The main villain, Agent Terex, is very fun, and he makes a great foil for Poe.

BB-8 is best Toto
The less than positive aspect is the story. While I appreciate the effort to expand the Star Wars universe by giving us planets with different cultures and customs, the whole thing just comes off as riddled with cliches and, frankly, rather dull. All of the problems are solved by the deus ex machina of a second monster that shows up, rendering Poe useless in his own comic.

On top of that, the action scenes are not particularly interesting either. The designs of the egg-creatures are bland and uninspired, and their fight, which is meant to be the highlight of the issue, is both boring and conveniently only destroys the bad guys' troops and ships. The dogfight between the X-Wings and the TIE Fighters is a bit more exciting, but it's nothing new either.

Well, someone watched the 2014 Godzilla movie

Fortunately, this first story arc is now over, and hopefully allows Poe and Co. to have far more interesting adventures as they continue their hunt for Lor San Tekka. I do wonder if they'll ever find him...

I'll try, Poe. I'll try.

Aranwe Quirke is a totally real, definitely not made up name. No, you may not see the birth certificate.