SNL Scraps: Bobby Moynihan's Favorite Moments And A Cut Sketch!

Not only have I made a recap of some of my favorite moments from the season, but the official Saturday Night Live YouTube channel started rolling out videos showcasing the current cast members sharing some fond memories from the most recent season. It started last week with Bobby Moynihan detailing his top three favorite memories. One of those moments happens to be the the Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base skit from Adam Driver's hosting experience. That is very fitting, as Bobby is a self-proclaimed comics and Star Wars nerd. Secondly, another deleted sketch was released on Wednesday. It came from the Miley Cyrus episode and features a fantastic performance. It’s a take-off on eighties sitcoms with Women Warriors, the story of two meek office workers who use magical perfume to destroy the patriarchy. Well, not precisely the entire patriarchy, just their obnoxious bosses. It’s wonderful and would have definitely improved the episode. If you feel inclined, you can check out the embed below. If you do go to the main site, don’t read the comments. They are awful.

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