Critical Hits & Misses #189

  • Bustle has an excellent list of 5 intersectional feminist books to help you reflect and resist, courtesy of the Women's March on Washington and their ongoing lists of action. 

  • If you've been watching Supergirl this season, you just might be in love with Lena Luthor (especially after last week's episode). I sure am! Tvline has an interview with actress Katie McGrath, who has been upgraded to regular for season three! 

  • Broadly discusses the feminist punk trio that goes by the name Skinny Girl Diet. And we've got one of their songs as the musical hit for today, so check it out!

For today's musical hit, we have Skinny Girl Diet and "BORED"

Today's critical rolls: do you have any intersectional feminist books, tv, or movies you'd recommend? Let us know!

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