SNL Scraps: Melissa McCarthy Puts On A Show In This Week's Promos

Melissa McCarthy's back to host SNL! Not only will this be her fourth time appearing in this season alone, but she's also going to make it into the Five-Timers' Club! Two entries in one season, that's not bad when you consider the range of newbies and regulars who host in the average span.

Of course, you can't have her appear without some reference to Sean Spicer, and the promo gets right down to it. Melissa happily dances and sings "I Feel Pretty" while being transformed into Sean Spicer's grimacing visage. How ironic. Considering that he outright walked out of a conferences last week and hid in the bushes this week, I'm sure that the writers are not lacking any comedic inspiration.

Editor's Note: This morning, not long after this article went out on Critical Writ, Melissa McCarthey rolled down 58th street in New York City on Sean Spicer's podium.

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