Critical Hits & Misses #178

  • We have feelings about this! Over the weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, it was announced that the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels would be its last. EW has the story and the trailer for the final season. 

  • Get out your tiny violins, folks, this one is going to require an orchestra. Last week on the reality tv show Survivor, Jeff Varner outed fellow tribe member Zeke Smith as transgender in a failed attempt to appeal to the inner transphobes in his tribe, suggesting that Smith staying in the closet was a "deception" that the tribe ought to know about (you can read that story here). In a move that strengthened my frail faith in humanity, the tribe thought Varner was a right proper asshole and kicked him off the island. Varner came out last week with a wonderfully-prepared apology that he probably paid a lot of money to some PR firm for. But this weekend we've learned that Varner has since lost his real estate job, and this Entertainment Weekly story really begs for people to feel sorry for him (you know, instead of the guy who actually got outed to millions?). Trigger warning for cishet victimhood. 

For today's musical hit, we have The Avett Brothers and "No Hard Feelings"

Today's critical rolls: Happy belated Easter! Even if you don't celebrate it for religious regions, did you do anything fun yesterday, or eat anything special?

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