Critical Hits & Misses #183

  • Brittany Bronson at the New York Times discusses what happens when women legislate, using the Nevada state legislature as an example of why we need more women politicians. An excellent op-ed. 

  • Over at Waypoint, Jack de Quidt devotes one of his “A Postcard from…” articles to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and bemoans how the game’s beautiful visuals and landscapes are ruined by its obsession with violence, malicious understanding of politics and proud hypermasculinity.

For today's musical hit, we have Awkwafina and Margaret Cho with "Green Tea"

Today's critical rolls: If you play video games, what are some hypermasculine games (for example, Duke Nukem comes to mind) that would benefit from a more feminine (or at least, equal) touch? Tell us how you would change the game and why!

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