The Flash S02 Ep19, "Back to Normal," Recap & Thoughts

Last time on The Flash Barry gave up his speed to Zoom as part of a bargain to bring Wally West home. This week, Barry has to cope with life as a “normal.”

Coffee run? Ain't nobody got time for that!
Harry’s in a bit of a snit, and walks out on the team to find his daughter. Back on Earth-2, Hunter promises he won’t hurt Caitlyn because he loves her. Then he gives her the run of the place. Predictably, Caitlyn walks around the Dungeon of Zoom, and finds the man in the iron mask. And in the other cell is Killer Frost! 

Back on Earth-1, Wally tells his dad he wants to meet the Flash, but Joe says that’s not possible. Harry has tracked down Jesse, but he needn’t have bothered. They have a fight and Jesse says she wants nothing to do with him. On his way home, Harry ends up running into a new metahuman. Harry’s accident triggers a Cisco alarm, so Barry and Iris head out to investigate the van, and also figure out that the van’s last stop was Jesse’s location. 

Killer Frost and Caitlyn have a heart to heart, and strike up a deal. If Caitlyn gets Frost out of the dungeon, then Frost will help Caitlyn get home. Raise your hand if you think this is a bad idea. 

At the accident site, Barry gets some samples, and then runs off to get Jesse. Harry is chained up in a creepy abandoned amusement park, and we’re introduced to Griffin Grey, a metahuman with super strength. Turns out, though, that GG doesn’t just have strength… he is aging at a rapid pace. Griffin thinks this Harry is the one responsible, and that this Harry better freaking fix it, or else. Back at base, Jesse is a super genius and she gets to work on figuring out this new meta. 

Caitlyn is preparing to science Killer Frost out, and during this scene we get more of both Frost and Caitlyn’s history. Turns out Frost had a brother that Caitlyn never did, but neither of them were particularly fond of their mom. 

Barry, Joe, and Cisco run off to a chemical plant to face Griffin, and get their butts kicked. Turns out Griffin is stealing chemicals for Harry to conjure up a cure. Jesse figures out why Griffin is aging so fast, and Team Flash figures out they can use that against him. 

Back on Earth-2, Caitlyn goes through with the plan we all know is terribad, releasing Killer Frost, who instantly betrays her. Zoom races in to save his lady love, and Frost gets fridged. 

Maybe not the best way to get through to a reluctant love interest?
Jesse figures out how to track her dad, which leads Team Flash to the creepy amusement park. Cisco reveals he and Jesse upgraded the Flash suit thanks to our pal Felicity! It’s upgraded enough to absorb one of Griffin’s punches, so make it count, Barry!
Harry tries to trick Griffin with the chems, but Griff knows he’s being had. He’s about to kill Harry when Team Flash shows up to save the day. Flash and Griffin go at it, while Grey continues to age rapidly every time he throws something. He bashes Barry around a bit but finally drops of old age. Jesse and Harry finally make up, hurray! Back at base, they have a heart to heart and try to understand each other’s positions. Wally finally gets his chance to tell Flash how much he appreciates the sacrifice that was made for him and the new outlook on life it has given him. 

Caitlyn is back in chains, and Hunter is a bit miffed that she isn’t grateful. Since she begs so nicely to go home, Zoom is going to grant her wish… and conquer Earth-1 in the process. Good job, Caitlyn! We end on Harry stating that he plans to create another particle accelerator explosion to get Barry’s speed back. Raise your hand if you think this is a bad idea.


I mean, sure, you want your season to go out with a bang, but Harry’s solution seems like a bad idea. But hey, Barry needs his speed back! And Wally also needs his speed! I predict we’re going to double up on the speedsters in season 3! I’m super excited about this possibility! 

While it was nice to see women with actual speaking parts in this episode--something The Flash has been struggling with--I was a little disappointed by Caitlyn’s interaction with Killer Frost. Frost kept making comments about her looks and jokes about her boobs and wardrobe. The betrayal was super predictable and I kind of feel like Caitlyn is too smart to fall for it. For me, the only truly interesting part was Frost’s origin story. Interesting to hear that they both had an ice queen for a mother. I also really appreciated that Caitlyn appears to be totally over Hunter and his creepiness. And, on a final note here, Caitlyn being proactive in saving herself is wonderful. She is too smart of a scientist to sit around waiting for Barry to save her. 

As usual, Iris didn’t get to do a whole lot. Thank heavens she still isn’t dating her creepy boss, though. I did appreciate that she was the one who had to try to lift Barry’s spirits. She is definitely the right character to do that, but I just wish she also had more to do as well. She is capable of so much more! 

Huzzah for Jesse Wells getting to be the new badass science girl in town! Please please can we keep her? She is totally awesome! I just hope this doesn’t mean they are going to kill Caitlyn, or turn her into Earth-1’s Killer Frost, in the process. We can have two female scientists on the show, and the world will not end. I promise!

This was a strong outing for female characters on The Flash

I am excited for next week, because things are getting real. How about you?

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