Fox Will Get Intergalactic With 'Son Of Zorn'


Wow. This is a thing that exists. Sometime this year, Son Of Zorn will be on the airwaves. Jason Sudeikis will voice a barbarian from Zephyria named Zorn who returns to visit his ex-wife and son. He gets a job where he has to sell industrial soap dispensers (PLEASE be a door-to-door salesman) and has to deal with the “minutia of daily life.” Seinfeld meets Conan The Barbarian or He-Man.

I had a conversation with my fellow Critical Writ contributors that can best be shown in this format.





In case you haven’t guessed, I’m the one with the creepy smile. This idea could be either really good or really bad. I heard rumors about the series last year, but I just disregarded them. I guess Fox really liked the pilot, so it’s becoming a series.

Face it, Fox might finally transform from the channel with awful McFarlane-esque cartoons to the premiere place for high-concept sitcoms. Someday, viewers can have their pick of seeing a comedy-sitcom drama about the final group of survivors on Earth after the apocalypse (made before NBC’s You, Me, And The Apocalypse, I might add), a sitcom featuring a thirty-four year-old woman playing a teenage boy, and a live-action/animation sitcom about a barbarian warrior coming to Earth to spend time with his son.

Despite my shock at something as bizarre as this making it to a series, I’ll be checking it out. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Last Man On Earth, The Lego Movie) are producing the series. At worst, maybe it’ll just feel like a slightly lengthy SNL skit. At best, it could be a polished sitcom, worthy of three or four seasons.

Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire a new genre. Over at NBC, a sitcom is being developed about a woman reuniting with her long-lost imaginary friend, featuring a combination of live-action shots and CGI animation. Let’s hope that it’s not as much like Drop Dead Fred as it sounds.

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