2015-2016 Renewals And Cancellations: Prepare for Simultaneous Depression Slumps And Joy Stupors

It’s the most horrible time of the year! With the actors all tweeting, and the networks all shilling, and the viewers feeling immense fear! No, really, it’s one of the worst times of the year, if you are a fan of the increasingly imperiled medium known as ‘television.’

In a way, it really does get worse every year. The older you become, the more likely you are to grow attached to certain shows. They cheer you up in hard times and help you make a schedule, if you are the kind of person who likes to schedule your relaxing time out.

This year might have been the worst so far. Even when 30 Rock and Parks And Recreation ended, we knew that they would be given a proper finale. Here is my personal roundup of items I care about. 

Disappointments (Cancellations):

The Muppets (ABC): I love The Muppets. My first theatrical Muppet movie was the 2011 film. I dressed up as the Swedish Chef to go see it. Hearing the news about a new Muppet show made me so happy. Despite bad reviews, I continued to watch the program, doing my best to watch it after work to help the live ratings. I don’t know what will happen to the franchise now, but I hope we get news before the summer ends.

The Grinder (FOX): It’s not often that we get a smart, unique comedy that knows how to be meta without getting obnoxious with it. Adding in likable characters and an intelligent plot just makes it even better. The Grinder starred Rob Lowe as Dean Sanderson, Jr., the former star of The Grinder. He would play Mitch Grinder, a hotshot lawyer. After the show ends, he goes to become a real lawyer at his family’s firm, clueless in thinking that his TV trivia will translate to real-life legal matters. All-star cast, great guest stars (Jason Alexander and Maya Rudolph!), and heart, all for naught. Grind on, Grinder, you will be missed.

Telenovela (NBC): I am not crushed by this cancellation as much as the others. It was only okay in the beginning, but quickly turned into a 30 Rock-esque show. I’m sure that it would have fully embraced the inherent weirdness of the show within a second season. It starred Eva Longoria as the star of a telenovela and the weird antics that go on behind the scenes. All of these antics revolved around stereotypical telenovela plots, including kidnapping, ghosts, evil twins, and amnesia.

Agent Carter (ABC): Once again, I’m not as disappointed by this, mostly because it had two full seasons to play around in the early days of the MCU. Still, it was good while it lasted. Farewell, Peggy. Maybe we’ll get a Netflix or ABC reunion television movie, with more of you kicking butt.
Angel From Hell: To be fair, this was cancelled very early in the programming year, but the cancellation itself was abrupt. Just five episodes in, it was taken off the schedule with no explanation. Shame, it was pretty funny.
Nancy Drew (CBS): Reports were made of a diverse Nancy Drew television adaptation that would portray her as an adult. Unfortunately, the show has not been picked up.

Celebrations (Renewals/Series Pick-Ups):

Son Of Zorn (Fox): We've already talked about this! You can read about it here. Suffice it to say that I trust Jason Sudeikis, Chris Miller, and Phil Lord with the extremely unconventional plot.

Supergirl (CBS to CW): Sure, I won’t be able to watch it as it airs because I don’t have the CW, but I wasn’t able to do that when it was on CBS, either. I will enjoy seeing the continuing adventures of Kara Danvers, Jimmy Olsen, Winn, and Cat Grant.

Superstore (NBC): A diverse cast, bizarre humor, and a striking similarity to The Office. Renewed almost immediately after the season finale aired, fans rejoiced in excitement!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW): Renewed earlier in the year along with all of CW’s other programming. Join me in singing “West Covina!”

Great News (NBC): To be fair, the plot only sounds okay, but it has Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, and Tracey Wigfield. From Splitsider, here is the synopsis: “Getting along with some colleagues can be rough, but working with your mom? That’s a whole other story. When Katie, an up-and-coming news producer, finds out her overbearing mom (Andrea Martin) has rejoined the workforce as an intern at the station where Katie works, it might just be the worst news ever. But, with her biggest cheerleader at her side, Katie might finally get the recognition she deserves.”

The Great Indoors
(CBS): Joel McHale’s character used to work in the outdoors, but an injury lands him a disappointing new job working with “millennials who view him as an exotic and ancient oddity”, according to Deadline. I sense an incoming storm of sarcasm. However, if it has a laugh track, I’m out. 

Powerless (NBC): Set to premiere next year, it features an insurance office. That doesn’t sound interesting. Oh, wait, it’s a comedy? Getting closer. Set in the DC Universe?! DANNY PUDI IS STARRING?! You’ve hooked me.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or the Harry Potter books.