Happy Go Loki: Vote Loki #2 Review

Loki is a character so wrapped up in lies and stories, it’s almost impossible to tell what his agenda is. The important question is; what will happen if he actually becomes president?  Will he just revel in his victory, and then resign? Will he actually be content with the limited power he has? Will he turn America into a dictatorship?

The reason I’m asking these questions is because the possibility of a Loki presidency seems to be increasing with every issue. And also because, as you may have realized, I’m not really talking about Loki.

And neither is the comic, it would seem. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After opening with a political ad by Loki, where he endorses using drone strikes on terrorists rather than diplomacy, we pick off where the last issue left off. Thor is confronting Nisa Contreras over her article which seemingly supports Loki.

Proof that the current Thor is indeed American
Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Thor explains that she can’t really do much about the issue herself, but hints that Loki’s Super PAC (the America the Faithful fund) may be worth investigating.

Meanwhile, Loki makes his big entrance at a speech in Texas to the sweet vocals of Bonnie Tyler. 

The streetwise Hercules has his own comic right now, where he's... trying to be streetwise.

His speech is filled with vague rhetoric and intentional lies, and the crowd absolutely loves it.

So Nisa breaks into the Super PAC’s office, and finds it’s members… performing a mystic ritual on a goat, giving her all the proof she needs that Loki’s supporters are insane.

She takes a couple of pictures, the Daily Bugle runs the story as it’s front page, and everyone everywhere is sure that a scandal like this spells doom for Loki’s campaign.

That is, until Loki makes a speech about it.

He doesn’t try to cover it up, or make excuses, or apologize. Instead, he gleefully reminds the people that he is a god, and whoever wants to pray to him is more than welcome to.

And it works. The people love it, and something which would have derailed any other candidate only pushes Loki’s popularity even higher. Nothing like what happens in real life, of course.

This was another phenomenal issue from Christopher Hastings. Vote Loki continues to beautifully skewer the current presidential election, and every jab at how messed up the system is feels very cathartic.

If I was to criticize it, I would have to say that the cover of this issue (which is a very obvious reference, although the Nazi is the one doing the punching this time) promised us an appearance by at least one Captain America and that never happened. Not that the issue was lacking in any way, it just feels like we need to get some idea of how the superpowered side of the Marvel universe is reacting to all this, sooner or later.  

Like I said in my last review, the art (done by Paul McCaffrey and Chris Chucky) is still the very appropriate political caricature style. It works for me, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Regardless, Vote Loki is brilliant, and I highly recommend picking up the series, if you haven’t already.

Aranwe Quirke is a totally real, definitely not made up name. No, you may not see the birth certificate.