It's About Slime: A Non-spoilery "Ghostbusters" Review

After months of wailing, kicking, and screaming by Ghostbusters “fans” around the world, turns out the uproar—like most toddler tantrums—was totally unnecessary. 

The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot is here and it's fantastic. The cast is exceptional, the jokes are funny and overall it was as I expected: a tribute to the original. It pandered. Hard.

I'm not going to say it did not have its problems. I feel like the plot was undermined by excessive references to the original.  Don't get me wrong: as a fan, I enjoyed it, but I really think more focus on telling a new story that doesn't rely so heavily on nostalgia would have served the characters better. That being said, the chemistry between these ladies really helped distract me from the lackluster storylineand, comedically,  everyone was on their game (including Chris Hemsworth).

Girls around the world now have four badass role models to look up to and I'm not just talking about the new Ghostbusters team.  These women have endured an onslaught of internet misogyny and have come through to the other side unscathed. Maybe I'm wasting my breath here but come on, isn't there already too much hate in the world?  Do we really need to add more by compounding that hate with nerd misogyny? Enough already; let it go. Pass the torch. I assure you, this movie will not retroactively ruin your childhood but maybe—just maybe—it might inspire a new generation of Ghostbusters fans. This is a good thing; it's what we want. The great news is that it's still possible to love the original and enjoy something new. This movie proves that; you just need to give it a chance. If you can't, all I have left to say is; suck it trolls. 

I'll be back in August to discuss the finer points in a roundtable with some of the great people here at Critical Writ but until then just go enjoy the movie it's about slime.

No, seriously, there is lots of slime. 

Lacey Carew is a self proclaimed geek and mom who wants to make sure she passes down all her nerdy knowledge to the next generation.