Critical Hits And Misses #6: July 22, 2016

  • Gal Gadot has shared a new Wonder Woman poster on her Facebook page! I do not like that her boobs are the focal point, but I love the vivid colors and the emphasis on "Wisdom" at the bottom gives me hope for this movie. (Megan and Adrian)
  • If you can stomach the opening poop joke, xoJane published a touching story of finding love at a Vampire: The Requiem LARP group. (Megan)
  • The latest episode of CBC's Love Me features an illuminating account of the unexpected social and emotional ramifications of sexual violence. (Etienne)
  • With all the bad things we keep hearing about Pokemon Go, check out the lovely story about an autistic child whose mother is very grateful for the game. Look at the joy on this kid's face!  (Ivonne)

  • Jon Stewart took over Colbert's desk last night and delivered a scathing critique of the Republican party and right wing media.  The New York Times has both video, and a transcript for those hard of hearing or unable to watch.  (Megan)