Supergirl S01 Ep19, "Myriad" Recap & Thoughts

Last time we saw Kara, she had just kissed James, and unfortunately it resulted in him becoming a zombie. Okay maybe it wasn’t totally her fault, because it appears that everyone is taking part in a huge undead walk for Halloween. Desperate, Kara heads to the Fortress of Solitude, and her mother’s projection finally explains what Myriad is: it’s a mind-control device! Meanwhile, our favorite fugitives Alex and J’onn slip out of National City just in time to escape Myriad's influence, and head to the Danvers family home.

Kara flies to CatCo only to find the place populated by office drones busily typing away at their computers, apparently processing Kryptonian data. Come on, Non, bad enough you’re mind- controlling humans, but now you’ve got them downloading porn for you? Cold, man. Cold.

I don't get paid enough for this
Cat Grant waltzes in as her usual self, evidently oblivious to zombiefication, because Cat. They watch Clark start to fly in to save the day, but suddenly he’s mind-controlled too! Well, isn’t that crazy convenient, CBS! Maxwell shows up to smirk all over the ladies about how smart he is, because he created brain protection thingies for himself and Cat. You know what they say: Ion Blockers are a girl’s best friend!

Non appears at CatCo to throw his weight around a bit, explain his evil plan, talk smack about politics because apparently he's not voting for Trump or Sanders (“no Republicans, no Democrats, only one people”), and then makes three of the zombies walk off the side of the building. Supergirl can only save two of them, so not surprisingly, it’s James and Winn. Poor Kelly goes splat.

And I DEFINITELY don't get paid enough for this!
But Max totes has a plan! He has a kryptonite bomb that will stop Non once and for all. Just one teensy little detail: it will probably kill about 300,000 humans at detonation. Oh. Still, Supergirl doesn’t have any better ideas, so let’s do it!

Alex insists she’s going to National City and Daddy J’onn can’t say no to his baby girl, even though everyone knows it’s a bad idea. As always, Cat uses her superpower to give Supergirl the pep talk needed to veto Max’s terrible idea. Predictably, Alex’s stubbornness means that J’onn is weak from protecting her, so when Indigo has a bone to pick, J’onn gets injured in a cool but short fight scene. Supergirl and Cat hatch a plan to broadcast hope along the same frequency as Myriad. But as they are preparing to do so...

Alex has been taken back to the secret villain lair, and without so much as a spoiler alert Indigo lets Non know that Alex is the one that killed Astra. We end on a cliffhanger as a krypto-roided Alex is facing off with Supergirl.

Hello Little Sister... remember all those times you got me in trouble?
I hate General Lane, but he does have a scene here that I have to point out. Lane is telling Max that the President has authorized the use of the krypto-bomb. General Lane says, “she agrees with your assessment.” Even better? When Lane mentions God in the next line, Max’s response is to say that if there was a God, “she wouldn’t have put us in this mess in the first place.”

Dear BerlantiCo, I believe this graph explains my feelings accurately:

And it did not go unnoticed. Or unappreciated.
This is an Earth where God is considered female and no one blinks even remotely at the President also being female. Can The Flash take me to this world pronto, please?

On another note, Supergirl continues to have a Superman-sized problem that it has continued to skirt around constantly to the point of absolute silliness. I love this show but at this point I kind of wish the unseen shadow figure that is Clark Kent would fly away and not come back. This coy blink-and-you’ll-miss-him Superman suggestion every other episode is getting tiresome. Kara clearly doesn’t need Clark, so can we dispense with this asinine nonsense? Please?

What is up with killing poor Kelly? Honestly Kara didn't even try. I guess Kelly's death was supposed to have an emotional impact, but it fell flat. (#Sorrynotsorry,) I just didn't really care, but I was left with the feeling that I should have.

Max gets some character development and motivation here finally, which was vaguely interesting, but this character has long since turned me off. Plus, I have a hard time believing that he can create ion blockers to block Myriad, and he knows that his satellites are being used to project Myriad, and yet the only answer is to detonate a bomb? Meh. However, I will say that I appreciated what felt like a deconstruction of the Snyderverse's wanton destruction, so there is that.

I adore Calista Flockhart. Her Harrison Ford crack was amazing.

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