Critical Hits & Misses #222

  • Harpers Bazaar has a piece by Cameron Glover on why Wonder Woman is bittersweet for black women, since the film, as good as it is about female representation, is very much a celebration of white feminism, excluding women of color besides a few background moments during the Amazon scenes. 

  • Yesterday was father's day, and in celebration, Huffington Post has a list of nine things we should stop saying/assuming about fathers. More and more fathers are involved in the upbringing and care of their children these days, but society persists in maintaining strict gender roles, making assumptions that fathers don't want to be involved in the direct care of their kids. 

For today's musical hit, we have Sia and "To Be Human" from the Wonder Woman soundtrack

Today's critical rolls: Yesterday was Father's Day in the west! How did you spend Sunday? Did you call your father? Did you take him out? Was it just another normal Sunday for you?

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